Dedicated Co-location

This product is designed for service providers and larger organizations with their own dedicated IT and network manpower. This product provides from 4U of rack space to multiple cabinets with specified and dedicated power feeds at 6A, 10A, 16A or 32A. Customers can specify multiple power feeds to their cabinets, and have the choice of installing their own UPS and/or ATS. Customers will negotiate their own international and local transit services with the service providers present in the facility.

Shared Co-location

imageThis product is designed for smaller organizations, financial institutions and web hosting companies. The product provides limited space for one or multiple servers. Customers bring their own hardware for co-location. The power feed is shared with other customers in the rack, with each server provisioned for a maximum of 2A. Customers can choose to receive local and international transit through the multi-homed Dataspace router, or select from one of the providers in the facility.

Virtual Co-location

Dataspace has designed a virtual server platform for customers. This product was designed on popular demand of customers, due to the ongoing power problems in the country. This product is suitable for companies, college, schools, NGOs, software companies as well as individuals.  Dataspace will provide a virtual server, with dedicated operating system on a per customer basis. Highly redundant IBM server hardware is used to provide virtual machines. Customers can choose their own operating system, memory footprint as well as bandwidth required under this service. Customers receive local and international transit through the multi-homed Dataspace router.

Managed Co-location

This is designed for those who want professional access to servers and services, but don't want the hassle of even remotely maintaining the server. Dataspace will install, manage and operate the server for the customers. Customer can choose between the Dataspace Shared Co-location or Dataspace Virtual Co-location products, and add a small management fee to get a fully managed service.

International Co-location

Dataspace has additional space leased at Equinix IBX facility in Singapore. Equinix is the world leader in collocation and datacenter facilities. Dataspace can provide you with international hosting services in Singapore through this product. More details are available on request.

Dataspace 'as you require' Co-location

Dataspace is happy to design any solution based on customer needs. Whether it's moving your existing servers to Dataspace, or hosting your mail server at Dataspace, or connecting all your agents throughout the country, we can provide specially designed solution and also negotiate special pricing from service providers for intranet links back to your offices.