Managed Services

MeetMe Rack (MMR)

Dataspace will provide cross connects between any customers through the meet me room. The MMR already has multiple category 6 cables running to each rack location in the facility.

The MMR makes it very quick and easy to establish cross connect between any two customers.

Dedicated X-connect

Dataspace can also run cables or fiber directly between customers. If you are hosting a server and want to buy bandwidth from a particular provider, direct connection is possible through this service.

Virtual X-connect

Dataspace will provide virtual digital x-connect services for customers, if needed. This will attract a one time provisioning fee. 


Dataspace can provide 24x7 remote-hands services. This will include reboots, cable patches, hardware installations as well as handling outages. 

Local Intranet Provisioning

Dataspace can also assist in local Intranet provisioning in co-operation with service providers present at Dataspace. We'll help you get the best range of service providers to link any point in Nepal. As an example, most of the service providers have provided special pricing of Intranet links over fiber are provided at Rs. 1500 per Mbps per month, excluding any installation charges. I.e. at Rs 3000 per month get a dedicated 2MB connection between your server at Dataspace and any point in Kathmandu.